Networking at a Montel Event

Our journey

Energy has changed a lot over the past 30 years and so have we! From publishing exclusive information as Montel News, to providing a range of services across the Montel Group, we've evolved alongside European energy markets.

Montel Online

A brief history

Founded in 1989, Montel began with the purpose of providing market transparency. Some even think this played a part in our company name, as we were aiming to serve brokers and traders with information to help them make MONey over the TELephone, before we moved our service online.

What we can say for sure is that we've been linked to data distribution from day one and market news from day two. We've had power on our minds ever since!

Montel at E-world

Becoming the Montel Group

Following the success of our web based news and data service, we've branched out into new areas over time, including AI, data analysis and risk management. In building these partnerships and welcoming new expertise into Montel Group, we've grown from our original news desk in Oslo to more than 100 employees across 12 countries.

Montel Advisory

Looking ahead

Whilst we continue to work according to the same values, we know that energy markets are continually changing environments. And that's exactly why we're proud to be helping industry professionals identify and respond to new market drivers, as the world undertakes the green transition. With the energy sector across Europe facing new challenges as it pursues net-zero emissions, all companies across the Montel Group are committed to playing our part. That's why we'll continue to develop the services you need to make sense of the market.