Bright App overview

Bright Energy

The smartphone app revolutionising how energy suppliers manage relationships with end consumers.

Improve your service offering and provide your customers with the tools to understand, control and manage their energy consumption - all from the palm of their hand.

Bright App functionality

Why should energy companies use Bright?

The Bright app provides a ready made customer service solution. By using it, you do not need to spend time developing, managing or maintaining your own custom app. Completely customisable to meet your branding and customer needs, the app makes providing the levels of service your customers expect easy:

  • Up to 46% reduced churn: our customer KPIs show that the Bright platform creates loyal and more engaged customers, reducing your churn.

  • 20% fewer calls to customer service: Bright's platform provides your customers with access to self service. Simple and quick answers through FAQs, chatbots and more reduce the number of calls you receive, saving you money too!

  • 66% retention in the platform makes the app both an important channel and also a proven success in marketing your other services and providing added value to your customers.

Bright App Chatbot

Business benefits

Being able to send updates straight to your customer's smartphone opens up a whole new world of communication possibilities through the Bright App, including:

  • Push notifications

  • Automated chat bots

  • Self-service invoicing

  • Customer renewals

  • Educate customers with in app content

  • Upsell other products

Bright App spot price

Customer benefits

Bright's app gives your customers everything they need to optimise their energy consumption. Whether they want to use electricity at the cheapest times, or when power flowing onto the grid is mostly renewable, Bright connects to a range of smart technology providers to enable automated use:

  • Spot price optimisation

  • Carbon intensity measures

  • EV smart charging

  • Heat pump control

  • IOT connectivity

  • Solar panel overview: including real-time
    production, usage and surplus

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Bright Energy


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