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Epic problems, epic solutions

Over the past decade, Germany has experienced serious energy shocks – many of which were of its own making. For instance, the over-reliance on Russian gas and exiting coal and nuclear power at the same time. However, it has also provided solutions on a remarkable scale. Listen to a discussion  - recorded live at the E-World trade fair in Germany - on how the country dealt with its energy crisis, and the positive progress made since 2022. But how can it speed up investments into the grid as well as into renewables?

Host: Snjólfur Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief, Montel

Guests: Tobias Federico, Managing Director, Energy Brainpool, a Montel Group company;
Hanns Koenig, Managing Director, Central Europe, Aurora Energy Research; 
Henning Gloystein, Director for Energy, Climate and Resources, Eurasia Group

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