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REMIT data

REMIT data from multiple sources, collated and translated into price driving signals.

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REMIT data in one place

Find everything you need to stay in the loop as energy market participants announce outages, such as Urgent Market Messages (UMMs) and data showing the effects of such announcements. Viewable on interactive maps or deliverable as text, messages or data ready-made to input into your models, information includes:

  • Production, consumption and transmission outages

  • Capacity & actual production for 1400+ power plants

  • Unit planned production (TSO connected)

  • Capacity defined for each fuel type in each price area

  • River temperatures for nuclear & thermal production

  • Net electricity transfer capacities across borders

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REMIT data 2

REMIT explained

REMIT stands for the Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency. This is a rule created to prevent market abuse in wholesale energy markets in Europe. Any participant in the wholesale energy markets must abide by these rules, including reporting power plant outages so that all other market participants may be aware of potential price movements caused by a loss of supply.

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