PPA Valuaitons

PPA Valuations

Inform your investment decisions or back-test existing wind and PV contracts with highly reliable valuations, designed to maximise your profit and mitigate risks.

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What can I do with PPA Valuations?

Understand the potential future value of your proposed wind or PV project before committing investment funds.

Undertake stress testing on existing PV and wind contracts to understand changing market dynamics and determine the main factors driving price uncertainties. Available for any kind of risk profile, including pay-as-produced, baseload or individual structures.

Add your assumptions on future renewable capacity expansion, grid connections or commodity prices into our simulation software, enabling you to anticipate prices and determine sensitivities relevant to your project.

What do I get with PPA Valuations?

Combine synthetic profiles for wind and PV projects with our powerful monte carlo simulation to catch cannibalism effects.

The methods for our PPA valuations are built into our Hedging and Risk Software, Shape. This takes changes in renewable power capacities into account as it develops hedging strategies. Derived distributions for risk figures and quantiles can then also be used for advanced risk management approaches.

Our valuation service for PPA’s is provided as a highly customised consulting service. Placing the focus on technical constraints, market dynamics and regulatory frameworks, we run simulations that can be applied in any European price area.

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Capturing cannibalism effects

The cannibalism effect of renewable energy power plants is the most challenging aspect when producing mid and long-term valuation of wind and solar power plants.

Our state of the art simulations take correlation and cointegrations between prices into account before fundamental market drivers, such as interconnector flows and the expansion of renewable capacity, are added to make these simulations ready for PPA valuation.

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Seasonal pattern spot price forecast

Synthetic Wind and PV Profiles

Using standard forecasts for wind and PV profiles cause systematic errors in calculated market values when creating valuations.

Our service calculates individual wind and PV profiles for any location in any European price area, allowing for dependencies on renewable capacity expansion in that are to be modelled.

These synthetic profiles are derived from high resolution weather data. Applying technical filters then simulates local wind and solar inputs relative to each site's specific characteristics.

Enriched with stochastic processes capturing the impact of unplanned shut downs in the event of extreme weather events, or inventions due to grid security, our service is at the cutting-edge of PPA Valuations.

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