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Montel's analytics tools provide forward looking predictions
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Energy forecasting tools

Fundamental data

Actuals, seasonal normals and historicals for the factors driving energy prices across every European electricity market.

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Weather data

All the key weather inputs affecting power production across Europe, available as raw data or viewed in detailed weather maps.

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Hydrology data

Historical, actual and storage data for hydro power across Europe, presented in partnership with SMHI.

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Balancing market data

Prices and volumes from balancing and regulatory markets across Europe.

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REMIT data

The complete collection of REMIT data, collated from multiple sources and translated into price driving signals.

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Interconnector flows

Data covering cross-border power flows across Europe.

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Ancillary services data

Prices, volumes, tenders and unit activity across Great Britain, The Netherlands and Belgium.

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PPA data

Current PPA market prices, captured prices and forward curves.

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Spot market forecasts

Spot price predictions from three different methods. Compare prognoses created by fundamental data, seasonality pattern analysis and machine learning methods.

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Renewable energy forecasts

Power production forecasts created by Artificial Intelligence. Available for individual power generators or entire power plants.

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Demand forecasts

Energy consumption forecasting for any data set you choose, such as geographical areas, supply portfolios or market sectors.

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Bespoke geolocation forecasts

Customised forecasts for specific locations, supply areas or individual power plants. Simulated historical data, multiple forecasts and seasonal normals.

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Data feed solutions

Automatically feed our data into your models. Available via XLF, API or Python client.

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  • Ancillary Services
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  • Demand forecasts 3
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Geolocation forecasts

Energy, forecasted.

From entire country's power production to individual power plants, Montel's Analysis services provide the predictions you need to make key decisions as you navigate energy market volatility.

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