Weather data 1

Weather datasets

Historical weather data presented alongside actuals, seasonal normals and weather forecasts.

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Weather dataset 1

Weather data

More than 40 years worth of historical climate data, actuals, seasonal normals and forecasts provides the weather package containing everything you need to follow the impact of weather on the European energy sector, including:

  • Temperature data

  • Precipitation & rainfall data

  • Evaporation data

  • River temperature data

  • Cloud coverage data

  • Chilling index data

  • Heating index data

  • Cooling index data

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Weather 3

Weather maps

Weather maps provide a visualisation of our forecast data, predicting changes up to 10 days ahead across Europe. Updated every hour, using seven different variables, our weather maps include:

  • Temperature map

  • Snow cover map

  • Cloud cover map

  • Precipitation map

  • Pressure map / Isobar map

  • Wind speed map

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Weather 3

Weather commentary

Daily, 4-weekly and seasonal commentary on energy industry standard weather forecasts published by ECMWF, GFS and Meteo DTN. Comments made by meteorologists from the Swedish Hydrological and Meteorological Institute (SMHI) centre around the key issues for power market players, helping you to focus on the key impacts affecting the markets which matter to you.

Private live chat also means you can talk with SMHI's respected meteorologists to discuss any weather related queries.

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