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The Montel Group brings together a wealth of expertise from different business areas within the energy sector.

Find out more about the companies providing these services and the people that make it happen.

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Montel Price it

Montel Price it has been helping clients manage risk and increase profitability for over 15 years.

By making financial mathematical models available to the energy market, price[it] have helped customers optimise trading strategies, adjust power plant schedules and make smarter investment decisions.

Montel AI Team Member

Montel AI

Montel AI was born in 2016, when members of the IT department saw the opportunity to do more with the wealth of energy market data being used by the Montel Group.

Learn more about the team and how they use cutting edge machine learning technology to continually improve and refine automated forecasts.

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Energy Quantified by Montel

Energy Quantified was set up in 2017 by a team of veteran analysts boasting more than 75 years combined experience in energy markets.

See how EQ's experience has led them to create a business aimed at making data comparison across European energy markets simple.