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Guiding you through the energy transition

Are you prepared for change? Our team of experienced energy market experts are here to advise you on the challenges businesses face as energy markets develop.
"We are a team of energy market professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience."
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Areas of expertise

  • AI/machine learning applications in energy markets

  • Market entry and geographical expansion

  • Business development in wholesale and retail markets

  • Green market access and sustainability strategies

  • Stochastic price modeling and PFCs

  • Power plant and gas storage optimisation

  • Risk management and analysis

  • Technical analysis and trading strategies

  • Energy politics and regulation

  • Energy market research


Jonas Melin

Jonas has been active in the Nordic electricity market for 30 years, giving him lots of experience before joining Montel as a senior energy market consultant in 2022. Different roles have given him deep insights into the various challenges that market players face, whilst he has also been actively engaged in different forums shaping the future of energy markets.

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Energy market consultant

2010-2020: Portfolio Manager, Industrial customers, Markedskraft, Stockholm

2005-2010: Head of Capital management Managed Accounts, Markedskraft, Stockholm

1999-2005: Portfolio manager and advisor, head of Stockholm office, Markedskraft

1996-1999: Head of production portfolio management and production planning, Stockholm Energi, Stockholm

1993-1996: Head of dispatch center, Stockholm Energi, Stockholm

1989-1993: Dispatch center engineer, electricity trading and optimization of power production, Stockholm Energi, Stockholm

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Jonas Ström

Jonas has been active in the European energy markets for more than 20 years, racking up tons of experience before joining Montel as a senior energy market consultant in 2022. His career has made him an obvious go-to expert within the energy market ecosystem, covering physical and financial energy trading, market analytics, business development, as well as electricity supply, solar power services and charging solutions.

With his broad experience, Jonas is a trusted professional committed to offer guidance on sustainability and operative solutions within the ever-evolving energy markets.

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Energy markets advisor, Montel Group

2012-2022: Business development and business manager: Electricity supply, Solar services and Charging solutions, Umeå Energi

2010-2012: Energy market consultant

2009-2010: Policy analyst, Swedish Energy Agency

2006-2009: Senior energy trader, Vattenfall, Stockholm

2004-2006: Energy trader, Barclays Capital, London

2003: Energy trader and analyst, DRC Energy, London

2001-2003: Senior energy trading analyst, Dynegy Europe, London

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Sigfred Sørensen

Sigfred is one of the instigators of the Montel Group’s development of machine learning solutions for energy markets and is passionate about how AI can help market players optimise the value of their assets.

So far, the Montel AI division has developed AI-based models for power producers, industries, and traders which help them more accurately predict output from individual wind, run-of-river, and solar plants, as well as inflow to reservoirs and power load – consequently reducing imbalance costs.

The Montel AI team has also developed spot price forecasting models covering most European countries, outperforming many “old-school" approaches.

Sigfred has a broad knowledge of multiple programming languages. If you have any challenges you think an AI/machine learning approach may resolve, please get in touch because we are likely already working on it.

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Project manager, programmer, and data scientist at Montel AI

2012-2019: Software engineer at Montel

2012: MA in network and system administration, Oslo University (A-grade average)

2010: BA in IT, Oslo Metropolitan University

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Marc Hasenbeck

Marc is the co-founder and CEO of Germany-based price[IT], a subsidiary of Montel. Based on his studies and work experience, he combines solid insights into financial markets with quantitative economic methods applied to energy markets.

Marc started out developing algorithmic ideas for Price Forward Curves (PFCs) and has since built and refined stochastic price models for cross-commodity markets and asset valuation.

Over the years, he has refined these models through hundreds of risk management and valuation projects for gas storage units and power plants. Developed in close dialogue with asset owners, these projects involve delta hedging of flexibilities as well as daily optimisation of complex CHP facilities.

Talk to Marc today about how we can help optimize the value of your assets!

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Managing director of price[it]

2006: Co-founder of price[it] GmbH & head of model development

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picture of Magnus Zeisig


Magnus Zeisig

Magnus joined Montel as a business developer and market consultant in 2021. He has more than 20 years of experience in different roles and companies, a firsthand witness and participant in Nordic market liberalisation in the 1990s.

Magnus' diverse CV means he's well placed to advise on all subjects related to power markets, from market entry and geographical expansion to wholesale business development and risk management. He also has experience in green markets and sustainability strategies.

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Business developer and energy market consultant, Montel

2020-2021: Business development manager, Green Power Hub

2016-2020: Business development manager, Markedskraft

2014-2017: Founder & energy market consultant, Devel Energy

2006-2014: Head of Markedskraft Sweden & Finland

2005-2006: Managing director, Telge Krafthandel

2002-2005: Senior portfolio manager, Vattenfall Power Management

1999-2002: Market analyst/Portfolio manager, Fortum

1998-1999: Portfolio manager, Telge Kraft

1996-1998: Market engineer, SEVAB Energiförsäljning

Customer references available on request.


Jonas Åkesson

Jonas joined Montel as a senior energy market consultant in 2021, after more than 20 years working in various positions within energy trading, management and business development.

Jonas offers advisory services covering several business areas, including energy trading, risk management, business development, green markets and sustainability.

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 Energy markets consultant, Montel

2020: CEO, ISN

2014-2020: Head of trading & green markets, Markedskraft

2005-2014: Senior portfolio manager, Markedskraft

1998-2004: Portfolio manager, Telge Kraft

Customer references available on request.

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Picture of Tom Høvik


Tom Høvik

Tom has more than 30 years of experience as a technical analyst (TA) in various derivatives market from power to forex and salmon. Since 2000, he has advised multiple clients on trading strategies within the European energy markets and trained a new generation of TA practitioners.

Today he advises individual clients in 11 countries on technical trading and strategy optimisation in power and other energy markets. He's also a regular lecturer at events throughout Europe.

As Tom would say, the logic is simple: TA has a proven track record of helping traders make more money over time.

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 Head of technical analysis, Montel

1997-1999: Power trader, Nordhordland Kraftlag

1998: Salmon trader, Rolf Olson Seafood

1985-1997: Forex dealer, Industri & Skibsbanken

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More about our competencies

The energy transition from A-Z

The energy transition is likely to have a bigger effect on power markets than the wave of deregulation of the 1990s. To help you make the right decisions in these critical moments, Montel's team of advisors can offer you the benefit of their experience, toolkits, and skills. Their expertise can help you develop short- and long-term strategies to get the most out of your assets.

Trading and hedging in green markets

Today, trading Guarantees of Origin is voluntary and sporadic, but that is changing. In the near future, contracts that guarantee the origin of your power will become mandatory. We have the experience and insight that can help you be prepared for the future of these markets.

Technical analysis and trading techniques

Our technical analysis advisory service covers short-term positioning and longer-term hedging. Using a technique with a proven track record in multiple markets, identify buy or sell signals that fit your strategy, using only market information. We offer both training and trader support.