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About Montel AI

Find out more about the people behind Montel AI, the automated forecasting service providing price predictions for renewable energy outputs, consumption levels and spot markets.

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The Montel AI journey

Montel AI was born in 2016, when members of the IT department saw the opportunity to do more with the wealth of energy market data being used by the Montel Group. The first year of the team's development was mostly used to learn the technology and to create tools for working with it. Montel AI also received some excellent help from Norsk Regnesentral (the computing centre) to understand how to build classical forecasting models, before carving their own path into model building and forecasting. 

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The Montel AI way

With the workings behind the forecasting model remaining very complex, the team are constantly searching for ways to improve the models and ensure better predictions for our users. As our machine learning models improve their outputs over time, the team are always busy ensuring they are improving the technology behind it too.

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Work with Montel AI

Working with Montel AI could not be easier thanks to the level of automation in creating our predictions. After the initial consultation stage to understand what you need from the forecasting services, any future predictions can be calculated and delivered through fully automated processes, or you can talk to a member of the team to understand the accuracy of your predictions with regular performance reports.

Any Questions

Get in touch with Petter to learn more about Montel AI or raise any queries you may have about the business and their products.

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Montel AI

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