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Learn more about the people providing Montel Group's Energy Trading Risk Management Services.

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The Montel Price it journey

The price[it] story began in financial markets, assessing the price risks of Credit Default Swaps. After a chance encounter with an energy client in 2009, the company has focused on applying their expert knowledge of financial mathematics solely to energy markets since then.

In 2017, price[it] became a member of the Montel Group, adding their expertise to our portfolio of services, before becoming Montel Price it in 2023.

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The Montel Price it way

Montel Price it's focus is on the provision of services related to their core competencies, including Price Forward Curves and valuations based on the latest financial mathematics findings.

Through their expertise, they provide specialised departments of utilities, dealers and manufacturers with decision support time series, price models and optimisation cores.

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Work with Montel Price it

For over 15 years, price Montel Price it has helped clients manage their risk and increase profitability. By making financial mathematical models available to the energy market, they have helped customers optimise trading strategies, adjust power plant schedules and make smarter investment decisions.

Owing to an efficient company structure, modular product solutions and close customer support capabilities, Montel Price it are able to meet the individual needs of customers as new requirements arise.

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