Richard and Marja smiling

The Montel way

Over the course of 30 years, we've built a business around our culture, not a culture around our business.

hyggelig hyggelig

"Hyggelig Hyggelig!"

When Montel began as a business, we wouldn’t have been able to imagine becoming a Group of seven companies with over 100 employees.

However, now we're here, we're proud that our values have helped shape the growth of Montel into the Montel Group. We built our business based on who we are and we believe it’s one of the reasons for our longevity.

Our culture is based on openness and transparency, the same values we defend as a provider of information to the market. It’s also built on listening carefully – both to our oldest customers and our newest employees – which helps us cultivate relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Even as our business, the people we work with and the world itself have changed, this has remained a constant for Montel, and now the Montel Group.

"At the centre of E-world, you’ll find our stand, abuzz with the hum of voices and laughter over a glass or two."

Nowhere is this more obvious than in Essen in early February for the annual E-world conference. At the centre of the room, you’ll find our stand, abuzz with the hum of voices and laughter over a drink or two. For 20 years, the Montel stand has been where the market comes to meet. It's where old friendships are rekindled and where even fierce competitors can put aside their differences and share stories for an hour or so. And we're always open to welcome new friends.

We can't think of a better image to sum up The Montel Way.