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Advisory reports

Understand specific energy markets and guide your business decisions with insightful reports.


Get regular insights into the biggest events occurring across European energy markets. Our reports provide unique insights into underlying trends, allowing readers to successfully navigate these markets to meet their business goals.

Derived from our proprietary data and models,all information is presented in a clear and readily accessible format, supported by commentary from our market-leading experts, giving you a unique advantage in understanding the key economic drivers causing these events.

GB specific reports

The weekly GB Summary (Imbalances) Report provides key insights into system and generation mix events and statistics for the previous week.

Supporting information presents the most notable imbalances described on a per unit basis. Breakdown analysis of the key imbalance price events for the week is provided with identification of the units dispatched to balance the system on those occasions.

We also provide insight into the largest system frequency excursions occurring during the week.

This monthly report provides a summary of the ancillary balancing service tender and auction results and utilisation levels for the previous month, plus outcomes from the tenders concluded for the forward month.

Accepted and rejected prices, volumes and – where possible – information at individual unit level is given. Information for historical services is also included where appropriate to provide context against the current equivalents for those services.

The weekly GB Interconnectors Report includes the core content of the GB Weekly Summary Report supplemented with breakdowns of interconnector usage and system activity and generation mixes in the markets interconnected with GB (France, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Norway).

The weekly GB Peaking Plants Report builds on the GB Weekly Summary Report with information specific to peaking units. This report details information regarding the availabilities, run hours and prices achieved in the balancing mechanism for individual peaking units.

The weekly Forwards Report provides a high-impact forward-looking view of expected generation mix and demand levels – with resultant price level indication – for the upcoming week.

Notified increases and decreases in unit availabilities are included. It guides readers to the likely key price events for the week ahead (e.g. periods of tight margin; periods of excess renewables; etc.) which can be identified at a glance in clearly presented charts.

It is based on data available through our Power Forecasting online product. Subscribers to the platform-based GB forecasting service can receive this report on a complementary basis.

The GB Monthly Market Summary Report provides a summary of key system and generation mix plus supporting statistical breakdowns for the previous month.

Corresponding insights on the price drivers in the wholesale and balancing markets including fuel and carbon prices are included.

Individual country reports

Our weekly I-SEM Report is issued every Monday and provides summary analysis of the key occurrences in the I-SEM market in the previous week derived from our public, proprietary and modelled data.

The report provides graphs and statistics on aspects including market prices, demand, generation mix, volumes traded in each segment of the market (DA, ID1, ID2, ID3) imbalances, balancing activity (by fuel type and price) and interconnector flows, coupled with commentary from our team, to give stakeholders insight into and understanding of key market developments in the I-SEM in a clear and readily accessible format.

Get insights into the main activities and events in the Spanish market of the past week, from demand and generation, to wholesale and balancing prices and interconnector flows.

The ES weekly update is issued every Monday and provides a summary of the key events in the Spanish market in the previous week as well as an outlook for the coming days.

The Dutch power market can be challenging because of a lack of public data, lots of volatility and the complex geography of the country. Combined with the properties of the grid and market players, it can be difficult to make sense of what is happening.

Our weekly report for the Dutch market has been designed by our experienced team to provide clarity. It is issued every Friday and provides a summary of the key events in the Dutch power market in the previous week as well as an outlook for the coming days.

The report provides charts, statistics and forecasts. Topics covered include margins, day-ahead, intraday and balancing prices as well as an overview of the fundamentals driving these prices.

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