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Intraday power prices

Continuous intraday power prices for 24 European price zones give you access to the short-term trading data you need.


Get a complete view of the factors affecting short-term trading with a range of data and charts displaying changes in intraday markets including:

See prices from neighbouring and other relevant power markets.

Track exchange prices across all 24 price zones, including EPEX, HUPX, Nord Pool and CROPEX.

Follow market specific index pricing.

See the price for the most recent trade in each price zone.

View the best orders and asses market depth.

See how prices have changed over time.

View the average price of power for a defined time period.

Beyond prices

See sensitivities and volatilities to assess how price levels will move according to variations in fundamental drivers.

Custom screens

Compare all the information for one country in one screen or build your own view to house all of the data and charts you need at a glance. Simply hover over charts to identify volumes and prices by country or timeframe.

Data feed integrations

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