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Futures, fuels & costs

Power futures, fuel prices, short-run marginal costs and spreads give you all the factors affecting closing prices for energy commodities.


Power and fuel futures presented in a standardised format alongside the associated costs and spreads. Currency conversion possibilities also make it easy for you to understand end-of-day prices including:

Power futures for 20+ countries across Europe.

Mid-December delivery contracts for European Emission Allowances.

Natural gas futures for all traded European gas hubs.

API2 futures - coal delivered into Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Brent crude oil futures. The benchmark price for roughly two-thirds of the global crude oil production.

The European Central Bank (ECB) daily reference rates, based on a regular daily concertation procedure between central banks across Europe.

Commodity prices

Historic price levels and developments for all relevant power and fuel contracts give you an insight into market movements. Available for download in a standardised format in Excel or via an API.

Short-run marginal costs

SRMCs for hard coal, lignite and gas, including carbon prices, based on your own efficiency rate assumptions or default assumptions for the area in question help you understand the true cost of power production.

Spark and dark spreads

Spark and dark spreads for any historic period or future contract, based on your own efficiency rate assumption or default assumptions for the area in question help you identify differentials between fuel and production costs.

Currency conversions

Translate the impact of closing prices into local currency using conversion rates from the European Central Bank.

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