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EU power plant database

Your source of information regarding all thermal power plants with a net electrical capacity output of more than 20 MW in the EU.


Save yourself the time and effort of finding data from individual power plants. Our database provides a range of information to help you understand their operation, including:

Title of the power plant unit

The fuel used in producing power for this unit

Variations on production methods e.g. Open Cycle Gas Turbine [OCGT], Combined Cycle Gas Turbine [CCGT], Steam Turbine [ST], etc.

Nation state in which the unit is located

Latitude and longitude for the specific unit

The unit’s year of commissioning and decomissioning where applicable

Gross and net capacities for individual units

Net figures for unit efficiency

See which production methods are gaining investment, understand the likely impacts of new installations and use the data in your own fundamental modeling.

Delivery Methods

Get the latest view of European power plants with a one-time delivery, or sign up to receive quarterly updates to keep your modelling and analysis current.

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