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Supply & demand

Your source of continuously updating, energy price moving variables. Includes actual, historical, seasonal normal and forecast data.


Get fundamental data covering electricity generation and demand, quantified into MWh/h

Maybe the single most important price driver, this covers the price-dependent part of indigenous power production. This is defined as: residual load minus nuclear minus net import. 

An important price driver, this captures weather driven shifts. The price-independent part of indigenous power supply, defined as: consumption minus wind -minus solar.

Load and effects of weather and social patterns translated into MWh/h. Available for variables including: heating and cooling demand, artificial light, wind chill, moving holidays, bridging days and economic growth.

Historical and future expected capacities combined with local insolation and dispersion, taking into account the earth's relative position to the sun.

Spatial distribution of capacity and chosen technology, combined with local wind speed & direction, air pressure and scrubbing effect.

Rainwater capture areas, installed hydro production and reservoir capacities,  combined with precipitation and evaporation expressed as potential energy content.

Installed and running capacity, combined with live REMIT and price outlook information - turned into running production forecasts.

Relative Short-Run-Marginal-Costs and residual production outlook presented as supply from thermal power sources. Pending.

Curated actuals

Corrected datasets that you can trust. We use our forecasting model to provide curated historical data, removing errors and providing you with a consistent historical view of energy prices and fundamentals.

Seasonal normals

Estimated by running between 30-40 weather years through each model. Factoring in social patterns, expected consumption trends, capacity changes, efficiency improvements for renewables and more, you can be confident in these baseline scenarios.


Know your models are current with up to 26 daily forecasts, based on leading weather forecast models. Includes ECMWF, NCEP GFS and and Deutsche Wetterdienst (ICON-EU).

Fundamental climate data

Analyse the potential weather-driven variations in demand and supply. Available for each variable individually or combined. Use true variability distribution in our risk assessments to identify black swan events.

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