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Weather data

Understand the impacts of weather on your power modelling with up to 26 daily updates.


Choose from seven of the best weather models with 20+ daily updates, adjusted, tuned and prepared for translating weather variables into power price models:

Thousands of weather stations weighted with relative power consumption, adjusted to observed weather via Kalman filters.

Precipitation and evaporation in capture fields quantified into potential energy content. The starting point for hydro power and hydrology.

Evaporation in capture fields quantified into potential energy content.

Monitoring and forecasting cooling water temperatures. An early warning of capacity reductions in nuclear and conventional thermal power plants.

The need for artificial light affected by the weather conditions. Presented as share, where 100 means full effect. Improves the performance of power demand models.

Captures the effect of combined temperature and wind on heating demand. Tells you when and how much consumption change even when temperatures do not change.

Captures the share of installed heating capacity in use. Indicates e.g. when even colder weather does not affect consumption.

The share of air conditioning that is utilised. Accurate indication of consumption response to heatwaves.

We can provide curated history, seasonal normals and forecasts for any location.  This includes all mentioned variables and many more.

Weather maps

Get visualisation of our forecast data, predicting changes up to 10 days ahead across Europe. See direct weather model output or how forecasts differ from normals, Maps are updated every hour using seven different variables:

  • Temperature

  • Snow cover

  • Cloud cover

  • Precipitation

  • Pressure map / Isobar

  • Wind speed

Weather commentary

Daily, 4-weekly and seasonal commentary on energy industry standard weather forecasts help you identify trends and future indicators.

Comments made by meteorologists from the Swedish Hydrological and Meteorological Institute (SMHI) centre around the key issues for power market players, helping you to focus on the key impacts affecting the markets which matter to you. Private live chat also means you can talk with SMHI's respected meteorologists to discuss any weather related queries.

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