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Demand forecasting

Improve forecasting accuracy and reduce imbalance costs with AI powered models.


Predict electricity consumption for an area or portfolio. Use your own historical data for the consumption you want to measure and let our machine learning model improve your future forecasts.

Improve forecast accuracy

The Artificial Neural Networks used in our machine learning forecasts identify patterns easily, enabling predictions to improve incrementally as more data is input over time.

Combining your historical production data with our weather forecasts is all we need to get started.

Lower administrative costs

More accurate forecasts lower your imbalance costs, when procuring energy for your demand portflio.

We will even send you regular reports on the accuracy of the model to make sure you are happy with the outputs.

Delivery methods

Use our range of options to share relevant data and fully automate your production forecasting and reporting:

Data sent and received via our secure file transfer protocol allows for completely automated forecasting.

Send and receive data and forecasts respectively via email before manually inputting your forecast data.

Let us know what communication method works for you. Predictions can be automatically fed into reporting software the way you want.

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With so much data available, Montel Analytics often requires tailored solutions. Get in touch with our product experts so we can build the exact package to meet your needs.