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Interconnector flows

Simplify your data sourcing and track interconnector flows from 33 European countries.


All the information you need to track cross-border flows and understand the associated impacts on the markets you are active in:

Remaining available capacity on interconnectors for a given time period.

Prices and volumes divided by geographical area.

Predicted volumes for European interconnectors.

Track potential actions in the UK balancing market.

Confirmed prices for explicit allocations.

See total capacity between interconnection points.

See total volume available on interconnectors.

Assess general flow direction, identify constraints and see where power is flowing across Europe

See the maximum amount of transfer capacity between two countries joined by interconnection.

Compare expected flows with what was actually delivered.

Track historical volumes traded between countries.

See the cost of balancing actions proposed by Transmission System Operators across Europe.

Comprehensive view

Quickly compare prices and volumes for power flowing across European borders. Identify and take advantage of arbitrage opportunities with standardised data.

Custom screens

Compare all the information for one country in one screen or build your own view to house all of the data and charts you need at a glance. Simply hover over charts to identify volumes and prices by country or timeframe.

Data feed integrations

Go beyond the platform and have live data delivered straight into your models via Excel, API or Python solutions.

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