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Power 2 Sim

Complement your modelling and quickly form opinions on market prices by with our fundamental power price prediction model.


Simulate the development of power prices up to 2060 with our turnkey market modelling solution:

Predict power prices on an hourly basis up to 2060.

Keep your predictions safe and understand the assumptions we use behind the model.

Avoid the troubles associated with cloud-based solutions.

Change things on both the user and Excel interface to suit the way you work.

No programming knowledge required. Simply use your market expertise and we can help you with everything else.

Use our protected customer forum to see what analyses other Power 2 Sim users are running.

Make sense of the data with understandable charts.

Optimise energy procurement

Choose the best times to buy energy based on the future direction of travel. Assess when to fix, when to take market risk and identify how often to renegotiate contracts.

Understand investment cases

Use the power price predictions to assess the potential future value of new power plants.

Optimise existing plants

See the future profitability of existing power plants with Power 2 Sim. Adjust your assumptions and identify your idea of the most likely future for power prices.

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