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PPA prices

Track the latest price developments for Power Purchase Agreements across Europe.

Market Intelligence for PPA Prices

Stay Ahead with Daily Market Insights

Our Market Monitoring PPA Services provide you with the latest daily market prices, ensuring you are always informed and able to make timely decisions. Our continuous price inquiries deliver accurate and up-to-date information for 12 European countries, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

  • Daily PPA Prices and Captured Prices: Access the latest market prices updated daily. 

  • Continuous Market Assessments: We continuously track market fluctuations to provide real-time data.


  • Risk Factor Monitoring: Make investment decisions based on the most current market trends. 

  • Compare PPA Prices: Receive detailed reports with market analysis to better understand market dynamics  

Project-related Assessment in Germany

PPA Valuation

Our PPA Valuation services provide a comprehensive view of the value of your energy generation or demand in various scenarios using advanced correlation and volatility modelling techniques. Available for single assets or entire portfolios, our valuations support investment decisions with actual and historical price informations. 

  • Informed Investment Decisions: Use daily updated price informations to monitor your investment decisions with refreshed valuations or optimise pricing strategies with back-tests.

  • Risk Analysis: Get detailed valuations and risk analysis tailored to your offers and exposures. Our approach incorporates state-of-the-art synthetic wind and PV simulations that capture cannibalism effects. By setting your parameters and inputting market data, you can make better energy risk management decisions. 

  • Profit Optimization: Beyond just valuations, we provide insights into sensitivities against value drivers, capture rates, profit & loss, limits, target definitions, and optimal hedging strategies to make your business more profitable. 

Our PPA Valuation services are designed to give you the tools and insights needed to navigate and optimise your energy projects effectively.

Project-related Assessment in Germany

Project Assessment

Our Project Assessment services are designed to help you optimise the value of your German energy projects through precise fair value assessment and advanced risk modelling. Understand the financial viability and risk factors associated with your projects to make informed investment decisions. 

  • Fair Value Assessment: Evaluate the true market value of your energy projects. 

  • Risk Modelling: Identify and quantify potential risks to make informed decisions. 

  • Financial Viability: Understand the financial health and profitability of your projects, we are recognised by banks in the DACH Region. 

  • Customised Reports: Receive a tailored report for your specific project assessment. 

Leverage our expertise to ensure your projects are financially sound and strategically aligned with market opportunities. 

Live-Online-Training and Workshops

Enhance Your Knowledge with Our PPA Training Programs

Whether you are looking to integrate PPAs into industrial supply chains or understand the complexity of fair value and risk assessment, our expert-led sessions are designed to meet your needs. 

  • Live-Online-Trainings We are offering an accessible way to gain valuable insights into PPAs. Held multiple times throughout the year, these sessions cover essential topics such as integrating PPAs into industrial supply, market trends, risk management, and fair value assessment. You can view all upcoming Trainings via Ressources > Events > Montel Masterclasses


  • In-House Workshops: A more personalised learning experience, that can be conducted in person or online. Interactive Learning and customisation make sure you can address specific requirements and objectives for your daily business, for example enabling product development or establishing a PPA-team within your company. 

Custom PPA Advisory

Tailor your power purchase agreements to meet your specific requirements

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we help you negotiate terms that align with your business goals. 

  • Customised Agreements: Create agreements that fit your unique needs. 

  • Negotiation Support: Get expert support during contract negotiations. 

  • Long-term Planning: Align PPAs with your long-term strategic goals. 

  • Support in Finding Project Partners: Let us help you with root-to-market or request-for-proposal processes  

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Track the latest price developments for Power Purchase Agreements across Europe.